Welcome to My World

Oct 13, 2020

So my old website was pretty… old, and hadn’t been updated since my iWeb died on me. And to be honest, it never really looked as good as I wanted it to be. Plus, the URL was really tacky. It’s like your very first e-mail account (you know what I’m talking about!) – think back, do you recall that cringeworthy username? Yup, so long story short, I bought a new domain name and started from scratch again.

But before starting on my website, I wanted to make sure I did it properly this time. And… I LOVE LEARNING. Like, I constantly go for courses, and learn new things – some things I feel are hugely irrelevant to what I’m doing at that point – but I LOVE LEARNING. You get the point. So, anyway, I went for a WordPress course at Equinet Academy #notsponsored.

It was a 3-day course which taught the basics, essentially, but honestly speaking, the time I spent putting this website together helped me to put theory into practice. It took a lot of trial and error to get things into place where I wanted them to be. So, even though I won’t be a web designer, I am still mighty proud of myself.

I’ll be posting updates here, and my occasional musings. Follow me at my social media handles as well!